A Remembrance: St. Karl Hugo Prüter – Bishop, Teacher, Writer, Historian

Today we remember the 42nd year of consecration of a foundational man, and a saint in his own right, within the autocephalous sacramental movement and a shepherd who was near and dear to our hearts in Christ Catholic Church, and certainly to me personally, Bishop Karl Hugo Prüter, of blessed memory. From Wikipedia: Karl Hugo […]

Springfield News-Leader Article World’s Smallest Cathedral

A wonderful article about the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace and our attempt to preserve it was written by Linda Leicht in the Springfield News-Leader. Highlandville — When Bishop Karl Pruter entrusted the tiny Cathedral of the Prince of Peace to the Rev. Brian Brown last year, the young bishop promised to care for […]

Services at the Cathedral

Bishop Brian Ernest Brown OSH, Chaplain of the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace, humbly accepts Bishop Karl Prüter’s call to aid him in the celebration of the Holy Mass at the Cathedral on a continuing basis. The Cathedral of the Prince of Peace is perhaps best known as “The World’s Smallest Cathedral” and it […]