A Remembrance: St. Karl Hugo Prüter – Bishop, Teacher, Writer, Historian

Today we remember the 42nd year of consecration of a foundational man, and a saint in his own right, within the autocephalous sacramental movement and a shepherd who was near and dear to our hearts in Christ Catholic Church, and certainly to me personally, Bishop Karl Hugo Prüter, of blessed memory. From Wikipedia: Karl Hugo […]

Springfield News-Leader Article World’s Smallest Cathedral

A wonderful article about the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace and our attempt to preserve it was written by Linda Leicht in the Springfield News-Leader. Highlandville — When Bishop Karl Pruter entrusted the tiny Cathedral of the Prince of Peace to the Rev. Brian Brown last year, the young bishop promised to care for […]

Missouri Higher Education Exemption for Whithorn School of Theology

Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education Agenda of Meeting 9:00 AM Thursday February 7, 2008 Theory Room 7 ITT Technical Institute Earth City COORDINATING BOARD FOR HIGHER EDUCATION Kathryn F. Swan, Chair, Cape Girardeau Gregory Upchurch, Vice Chair, St. Louis Martha L. Boswell, Columbia Doris J. Carter, Florissant David Cole, Cassville Lowell C. Kruse, St. […]

41st Holy Synod of Christ Catholic Church

The 41st Holy Synod of Christ Catholic Church Diocese of the Prince of Peace was held in Highlandville Missouri at the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace. Much was discussed about Bishop Karl Prüter, of blessed memory, his legacy, the future of the jurisdiction, the Constitution and Canons, and Whithorn School of Theology. With grief […]

Archbishop Karl Prüter RIP 1920-2007

Archbishop Karl Hugo Rehling Prüter 1920-2007 Archbishop Karl Hugo Rehling Prüter was born in 1920 in Poughkeepsie, New York. Following high school there he completed undergraduate work at Boston’s Northeastern University, and then earned his master’s degree in divinity at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. After starting his ecclesiastical career as a congregational minister, […]