Trans-ACT Mobilization Awareness Campaign

Misc Peter Letter of Support

27 March 2015
Feast of St. Melangell

Greetings and Apostolic Benediction!

This letter of support is written to applaud the efforts of St John’s Lutheran Church and The Compassionate Society of Christ, Christ Catholic Church for their dedicated commitment to continue to provide quality healthcare access direct case management social work counseling as well as promoting further community awareness through the Trans-ACT Mobilization Awareness Campaigns to assist the needs of the Transgendered community in NYC

I am firmly and prayerfully resolved to encourage funding this unique initiative for this marginalized and severely impacted population so to secure a seamless pathway for healthcare and dedicated social services for this fragile population which will compassionately and passionately lead the way to combat and eradicate the discriminatory and bias impediments of all accursed ignominious Trans-phobic Stigma which has no doubt frequently paralyzed and threatened trans-persons from accessing such vital primary and mental healthcare.

I earnestly hope to unite with St John’s to sustain Trans-persons essential well-being. I fully commit all my devoted attention to build an infrastructure of social justice outreach to support St John’s church along with the specialized expertise of our blessed Order of Compassionists that will provide ongoing clinical supervision and administrative program development to enhance and justify the foundation of this very worthy project

Pax Christi,
+Brian Ernest Brown, OSH

Presiding Archbishop
Christ Catholic Church
Archdiocese of the Prince of Peace

cc: Rev. Misc. Peter St Mary Avitabile CSC/CCC
MA/LMSW/SIFI Servant Administrator
Compassionate Society of Christ – Christ Catholic Church