Services at the Cathedral

Bishop Brian Ernest Brown OSH, Chaplain of the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace, humbly accepts Bishop Karl Prüter’s call to aid him in the celebration of the Holy Mass at the Cathedral on a continuing basis.

The Cathedral of the Prince of Peace is perhaps best known as “The World’s Smallest Cathedral” and it is just that, the world’s. People come from all around the world and they come from many different denominations to pray, meditate, talk and share, or simply to walk around the gardens. It is an important part of Missouri and the Ozarks, and an important part of Highlandville. It is an important part of Old Catholicism and a historical cathedral in its own right. It is a parish church for a handful of us where we come as a family to pray and worship an awesome God. It is even world famous but most important of all it is a place in this crazy world we live in that God is using to touch peoples lives and speak to their hearts .

Mass is celebrated daily at 11am at the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace in Highlandville, Missouri. All are welcomed to attend.