Missouri Higher Education Exemption for Whithorn School of Theology

Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education

Agenda of Meeting

9:00 AM
February 7, 2008

Theory Room 7
ITT Technical Institute
Earth City


Kathryn F. Swan, Chair, Cape Girardeau
Gregory Upchurch, Vice Chair, St. Louis
Martha L. Boswell, Columbia
Doris J. Carter, Florissant
David Cole, Cassville
Lowell C. Kruse, St. Joseph
Jeanne Patterson, Kansas City
Duane Schreimann, Jefferson City


Proprietary School Certification Actions and Reviews Coordinating Board for Higher Education February 7, 2008

All program actions that have occurred since the December 6, 2007, Coordinating Board meeting are reported in this consent item. In addition, the report includes information concerning anticipated actions on applications to establish new postsecondary education institutions and exemptions from the department’s certification requirements.

Sections 173.600 through 173.618, RSMo, Regulation of Proprietary Schools
Proprietary School Certification Program Actions and Reviews
Coordinating Board for Higher Education
Proprietary School Certification Program Actions and Reviews

Exemptions Granted

Whithorn School of Theology Hollister, Missouri

Program offerings at this not-for-profit religious institution range from the associate’s level to the doctoral level in such areas as biblical studies, theology, and ministry. These programs are designed “to nurture an academic community for the courageous and rigorous exchange of intellectual and spiritual ideas of faith while at the same time discovering new paradigms of being a community of faith in a post-modern world.” Exemption was granted as “a not-for-profit school owned, controlled and operated by a bona fide religious or denominational organization which offers no programs or degrees and grants no degrees or certificates other than those specifically designated as theological, bible, divinity or other religious designation.” This school is not accredited.