41st Holy Synod of Christ Catholic Church

The 41st Holy Synod of Christ Catholic Church Diocese of the Prince of Peace was held in Highlandville Missouri at the Cathedral of the Prince of Peace. Much was discussed about Bishop Karl Prüter, of blessed memory, his legacy, the future of the jurisdiction, the Constitution and Canons, and Whithorn School of Theology.

With grief heavy on our hearts we convened this year’s Holy Synod in the Cathedral itself opening with a Taizé style service and remembrance of Bp. Karl. In a bittersweet reality, his absence was mourned even as the presence of his spirit was felt.

Some amendments offered at the 39th Holy Synod in 2006 to the Constitution and Canons were approved and the new edition of the document is now available through Saint Willibrord Press.

It was announced that Whithorn School of Theology’s application for exemption from Missouri’s statutory provisions regulating private post-secondary education has been approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has found that our school meets the criteria for exemption as outlined by the State of Missouri, and may operate as a bona fide seminary legally granting undergraduate and graduate religious degrees.

A somber but good time was had by all who attended. May God continue to bless Christ Catholic Church throughout 2007 and may Bp. Karl rest in peace knowing that his legacy and ministry is in safe keeping.